A Slice Of Nasty

By Max MacAndrews
Truth is the strangest fiction.

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Where to buy my book?

Where to buy

BUY YOUR OWN COPY! of A Slice of Nasty at UNDERDAWG Skippergata 32, Tromsø 9008, Norway.
Or you can order it by paypal 135NOK (Norwegian Kroner) to maxmacandrews@gmail.com
State name, address and book title.
The price includes shipping worldwide. If you want a signed or dedicated copy, write and let us know.

The book is published by Screaming Lobster Press - you can also contact us there. 

Press enquiries and customer service tlf +47 95019002 / Email: maxmacandrews@gmail.com

Here you'll find reviews of the book

"Just finished reading the book. Amazing. I couldnt put it down. The second book cant come quick enough" - Sarah McCabe, Scotland UK

"It's come now. In two minutes, I have already started laughing as well as feeling sobered by the nature of many of the events" - ME Hargreave Scotland

"Once you have read A SoN, these stories belong to and become a part of the reader. In this way I won’t have to bother telling these stories anymore and worry if my credibility as a human being is affected. In essence, they are no longer my problem, they have become yours..!"

"Finally I got a special one!" - Ayumi Fukushima, Japan

"Only took me 2 days really. Couldn't put it down It's so easy to read! It's hilarious! Honestly one of the best books I own. It's just such an honest recollection of stories, you can tell when a spin has been put on things for comedic or entertainment value but in this case i know nothing is fabricated. Utterly pure in its morbid hilarity." - Ginni Fleming Scotland

"TGIF with the masterpiece! Thank you Mr. MAX" - Chihiro Yabe, Japan

The book is published by Screaming Lobster Press